The famous Krishna deity at Udupi (holding butter-churning rod and rope) was installed circa 1300 AD by Jagadguru Shri Madhvaacharya (3rd avatar of Lord Vayu), the famed proponent of Dvaita or Tattvavaada (Vedantic philosophy of Reality), and the force behind Haribhakti/Haridaasa movements and inspiration behind Music and art forms which have involved into Carnatic Music and Yakshagana.

Under Eight of His direct disciples, HH Madhvacharya established a Matha eacha to maintain the Udupi Krishna temple. Puthige Matha was thus founded under HH 1008 Shri Upendrateertha to worship the deity of Vitthala given to Him directly by His guru HH Madhvacharya.

Under a round-robin scheme called Paryaaya each Matha runs the Udupi Krishna temple for 2 years and daily Pooja to Lord Krishna has been conducted uninterrupted for 700+ years!

In the other 14 years, each Swamiji does community service including traveling with Matha deities to propagate Sanaatana Dharma, the eternal righteous path.

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A Baalasanyaasi at 8, HH Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji took over as the 29th seer of Puthige Matha at the tender age of 12 and has successfully conducted three paryaayas and performed yeoman service to the community. 

A spiritual ambassador with ancient wisdom and a modern outlook, HH Swamiji is a visionary and a guiding lighthouse who has inspired thousands of devotees all over the world. Since His first visit to USA in 1997, He has toured the world, been the President of World Council of Religions for Peace, represented Hindus at various global forums incl. United Nation,  and established Thirteen  International Mathas covering US, Canada, UK, Australia in addition to multiple locations in India. 

As part of His broad vision of bringing the Lord closer to devotees across the globe, HH Swamiji has taken on this divine Sankalpa and set up 10 Krishna temples in North America (Edison NJ, Houston TX, Dallas TX, San Jose CA, Phoenix Az, Los Angeles CA, Toronto Canada, Atlanta GA, Raleigh NC and Seattle WA). 

The temples also include Mruttika Brundaavana (sanctified shrine) of HH Raghavendra Swamy, the renowned saint, philosopher of Maadhva Parampara (lineage) who is revered by devotees of all denominations.

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