About our Logo

The SVKVA logo has been designed with the following elements and underlying message in mind

Center piece is kaḍagolu or Butter Churning Rod representing Lord in the form of Udupi Krishna:

  • This is held in the right hand of the idol of Krishna as a boy, which was commissioned by the Lord Himself for His consort Rugmini for Her prayers and then consecrated by Shri Madhvacharya 700+ years ago in Udupi.
  • This was also the symbol of HH Swamiji’s 3rd Paryaaya in Udupi in 2008-2010.
  • The icon reminds us of His childhood miracles (bāla līla) and that we must spend our time in churning the ocean of life experiences (bhavasāgara) to yield the butter of knowledge, devotion and detachment (ġyāna, bhakti, vairāgya), all while retaining our child-like innocence like Balakrishna.

On His left (viewer’s right) Lord in the form of Venkatesha shows his kaṭi hasta (waist-level hand):

  • The same Lord Krishna also appeared in the form of Venkatesha of Tirupati, the one who destroys (kaṭa) our problems and sins (veṃ).
  • He assures us, His devotees, who surrender at His lotus-feet that the troubling waters of the worldly ocean (samsāra bhava sāagara) will never go above our waist as we journey across it.
  • This is also seen in the Lord’s Vitthala form (holding a shankha or conch) which is the chief deity (paṭṭa devaru) of Puthige Matha that has come down through disciplic succession (paramparā) from Shri Madhvacharya Himself who gave the Vitthala idol to the very first Puttige Matha pontiff Upendra Tirtharu.

On His right (viewer’s left) Lord in the form of Venkatesha shows His varada hasta (boon-giving hand):

  • Lord Venkatesha also shows with His right hand in the Varada (Boon-giving) mudra that He is the giver of boons in this decaying era of Kali (kaliyuga varada). He blesses all those who take refuge in His lotus-feet.
  • Once gain this mudra is also seen in the Puttige Vitthala form of the Lord as well.

Background Image of World centered on Austin, TX:

  • ayaṃ bandhurayaṃ neti gaṇana laghucetasām | udāracaritānāṃ tu vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam, i.e. Only the narrow-minded differentiate as “my people” or “not my people”; for those of noble character the whole world is one single family.
  • This famous Maha Upanishad statement, which is the cornerstone of Hindu Philosophy, is at the heart of HH Swamiji’s mission to bring peace, harmony and knowledge to everyone by setting up centers of worship and teaching all over the world, including  Shri Venkata Krishna Vrundavana Austin
  • The color palette has been inspired by Saffron representing the Saatvic qualities of purity and selflessness, and also the Burnt Orange UT Austin theme.